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Judith Dim Evans 1932 – 2020

Why she became a teacher and school principal and what she wanted children to learn:

“To think for themselves, to be open minded, to be tolerant, to talk to each other and not to listen to propaganda and not to belong so religiously to one party.”

“Have the guts to talk, especially in the beginning before it’s too late. Talk to each other. Work together. You want to hate someone? Go to the gym.”

A yellow Star of David badge bearing the German word ‘Jude’ (Jew).
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Hmmmm… Just what the Hell IS ‘Well Adjusted’?

A Personal Chronicle about the Journey of Life

We are all more than just the sum of our parts, more than the sum of our experience.

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InterView® : Isa Sanz Menstrual Consciousness

All photos © 2008 Isa Sanz

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