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Windows users targeted in scam

The scam involves conning Windows users into granting remote access to their PCs, upon which scammers will look for sensitive personal data

IT experts are warning Windows users to remain vigilant following news of a new telephone scam being operated by cyber criminals. Read the rest of this entry »

FRANCE convicts Scientologists!

Scientology e-meter

Draw near, infidels, for these are dark days for the Knights of Hubbard. Do not despair entirely – the Church of Scientology remains insanely rich, has excellent and rapacious lawyers, and according to the International Scientology News, “every minute of every hour, someone reaches for L Ron Hubbard technology … simply because they know Tom Cruise is a Scientologist”.

So unless the world’s supply of troubled fools is melting away quicker than the Arctic ice cap, they can probably hold off trying to lure disaffected Kabbalists into their cultish communion, after the fashion of Pope Benedict and the Anglicans. And yet, all things considered, it has not been the best of weeks for our operating thetans.

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This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser

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