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Why is IKEA such a fucking task?

Shopping at IKEA is a nightmare!

Those of you that have come to know me, can understand why shopping is not one of my interests. For one, I have a penis.

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The basics of basic income…

2 be or not to be. Questions?

This could be the impetus to really, radically simplify how people access income support from the government

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YOU don’t have any problems. Really.

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Watch the end of the world live online via space camera!

Artist's conception of the rogue planet Nibiru, or Planet X

Artist’s conception of rogue planet Nibiru, or Planet X

In case you’re worried about the coming Mayan “New B’ak’tun” on Friday (or would it be “turn of the b’ak’tun”?), and that it may signal the arrival of some world-ending catastrophe from space, the team that runs the Slooh Space Camera has you covered. Read the rest of this entry »

candy flipping | Promise Keeper

I could hear Gloria talking on a cellphone. Candyflipping. That’s what she was saying we were doing. She was under the impression we had taken acid and Ecstasy. I didn’t care.
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Advice | CAT PISS and Your Car


King’s College Hospital drops the ball…

Extreme Stunt Artist & YouTube

Popular social medias like Youtube don’t want a bad image. They want to make sure they don’t offend anyone. It’s business. Art will have to find a better outlet.

Quest for a Tomato | YouTUBE

How To Get Over Your Ex

Ms. Single Mama speaks from the heart. Listen up.

Happy US Independence Day?

Mr. Stripy Head | $ 17,000 ?

Soooo… this American Asshole gives $ 17,000. BACK to a bank… wtf?

Open Day at Nunhead Cemetery

deb and david take a look in the crypt at Nunhead and wander through the cemetery.

(U R SO NICE is a song by the EFT and it’s on this video too)

Deb-E-Space Duo Do Brighton

Had many people having partys it was a nice trip. Read the rest of this entry »

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