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Looks like the world is safe – for now. Who could have predicted (even in their most Kafkaesque of nightmares) that both a North Korean Klown and Amerika’s Monkey would be in office at the same time…

Now we know there are a lot of Americans who read our shit here – but too many of you think that somehow *** DISSENT*** is “UN-patriotic” and because of this, you have allowed, nay elected this asshole to your White House. SHAME ON YOU.

Apparently dead sons and daughters don’t seem to teach you anything. George (the retard) Bush didn’t seem to register either. The main difference between Americans and the rest of the world seems to be EDUCATION. The lack of funding (in MANY parts of the world a College education is FREE!) is what keeps the populace dumbed-down. Get UP off your ridiculously FAT-asses, use that gun in the nightstand for something useful – SHOOT AND KILL YOUR TELEVISION SET!!! – and join the rest of the world!

Donald Trump is a fucking moron and so are you if you voted for this idiot.

WAR. It’s the American way! But NUCLEAR (notice the ONE letter U) War seems imminent. Google it.

What with Donny darko (yes, it’s a movie reference – “foreiners” need to understand that amerikins NEED their hollywood references to be able to interpret the world) within minutes of launching an attack on China (via Russian support) the cloud above will be a lot larger. THAT IS WHY THE WORLD IS SCARED OF DONNY TRUMP. THE. FALLOUT.

We don’t give a fuck if you kill yourselves off – you’re just NOT going to bring us down into the toilet WITH you!!!


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