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Catholic sexual abuse scandal?


So somebody hands me hands me a copy of the recent amerikin movie about those cock-sucking priests in Boston (i think it’s called spotlight? or something.) Surprised? Like nobody knew. What a crock of shit. OF COURSE EVERYBODY KNEW. So I switch that shit off 5 minutes in. WHY the fuck would i EVER want to watch that crap? BIZARRE country that us of a. Here are a few links from 4yrs ago – a story that Sister Mary was working on here at ARS®

Maybe they work – dunno. If anyone out there IN IRELAND would like to be interviewed for an upcoming radio program, please get in touch by leaving a comment. (Since all comments are screened, write anything you want and nobody will see it unless you specifically tell us to release your words.)

As usual, our programming will contain a NEW take on the topic. We promise, NO COCK-SUCKING (IS cock sucking hyphenated!??) under age 21 🙂

Research Sources :éad_O’Connor#Religion

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