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PROMISE KEEPER | stranglehold

The weed came in waves. I actually found myself wishing I’d smoked less. I found myself wondering if Crystal booby trapped the weed. I found myself plotting revenge. Ajax in the cocaine or some shit. I shook it off, grabbed my wallet and hit the streets.

The daylight was stunning. The world I looked at through dark Ray-bans flashed in frames like an old film. There wasn’t another creature on the street. Were they all dead? Had I missed the apocalypse? How had I survived?  I could hear the road passing under the tires. That’s all I could hear.

“Hey bitch! Where’s my monkey head?”

I heard that clear enough. I was riding by Big Jim’s house, but I was concentrating hard on riding this bike and I couldn’t look over there. I was picking up speed and confidence. There was a stoplight ahead. It was red and there was a car stopped in front of me. I stopped and looked straight ahead. There were two women in the front seat and a car seat in the back. The woman on the passenger side turned in her seat and began to strangle the child in the car seat. It seemed to take a long time.

I knew I was stoned and didn’t want to attract attention unnecessarily, but standing by while a child is being strangled is a bit of a dilemma. Of course there was always the possibility that I was misinterpreting what I was seeing. This was a very real possibility, but what if there was a child being strangled? Shouldn’t the light have turned green by now? Was it broken? Should a red light take longer than it takes to strangle a kid? How long did it take to strangle a kid? Can you believe the light was still red?

The woman was strangling away. She was a vicious bitch and whatever she was up to was no good. I began pedaling slowly up to the car. The light turned green and the murdering bitches rolled off.

The riding was becoming second nature quickly. I took my hands of the handle bars and tried riding with no hands. It was cool. I was doing it.

“Hey!” It was a demented woman. “Who in the fuck do you think you are?” she hated on me. I felt a sudden rage.

“Fuck you!” I was out of control. I shook with rage. I was off my bike and my hands wanted to strangle.

She offered herself up. “Go ahead. Strangle me you asshole! Do you really think God lives on some planet in outer space? You fucking idiot. You’ve got it wrong.”

I was so confused that my anger got lost. I was still shaking, standing toe to toe with this insane face glaring into mine.

I turned and fled.

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