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PREVIEW | GOD is an American®

Our Next program deals with the relationship between American Extremists and the Atheist culture.

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“It’s not Jesus Christ that’s the problem, its his damn followers!”

“JESUS was a regular man that did regular human things, they just didn’t know what rape was back then , so jesus’s mom didn’t know she got poked when she was asleep lol then she woke up n was all like its a miracle ! lol u should put that in the show lololol” (this commenter is obviously fucking retarded) we can’t interview Mary…

…cause she’s fucking DEAD!

“I guess if jesus was around in this present time he wouldn’t even want to be a Christian!!!! you silly north Americans are great !!!!!!!

“religion, what a con-job really. Just a means of control over others really – no empirical positive benefits. Keep this up, highly amusing and oh so true.”

“GREAT STUFF! So accurate. All you pro-war idiots have more innocent blood on your hands than a thousand serial killers, but you’re too brain-dead to know. Get UN-dumb, please, before your kid gets shot by someone rightfully defending themselves!!”

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as we wrap up our discussion on GOD, Jesus and the Amerikans – “This Good Friday, it’s religion that’s getting Crucified!”

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