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Has Susan Powter gone CRAZY?

OH!MY!GOD!! What a repulsive looking creature.

I have to wonder what happened to Susan.

In her books, she comes across as being extremely quick witted and intelligent, not to mention that she says many things that are very helpful and true. However, now she… well, she seems a bit detached from reality, to put it nicely.

“Looks like she was ridden hard and put away wet”

I understand she is angry at the negative attitude that some people have on her community board, but maybe she wouldn’t invite such derisive comments and aggressive attitudes if she were less erratic and presented herself in a more professional way.

She has the potential to help many people because she is a very well informed and intelligent woman, but sometimes I have to wonder whether she’s high, or her bankruptcy had a serious effect on her sanity.

In the 90’s I read your book and it really changed my life. I became a vegetarian and whole food foodie. I had more energy (etc.). For some reason, I started eating the SAD again, and I got “depression.” I think that the chemicals in food, hormones and so on is responsible for ADD and depression and such. Thank You for being a great Guru, Suzan!

i’ve seen her in a coffee shop a few times. apparently she’s something of a chatterbox in real life …. a bit too much self-expression, doesnt seem to consider the overall effect generally, like most of us – that is, not uptight. pretty normal, quite friendly, not a big hideous star, not a diva, looks fit and trim also. not so shiny as in the pics. a flash will wash you out, yes.

I remember having the burning desire to reach thru my television screen and b*tch slap her if I happened to have the misfortune to land on one of her infomercials years ago whilst channel surfing… and i still use her ‘lean, strong, and healthy’ exercise tape [on vhs!] because it really works for me. but yeah, she looks totally crazy.


  Jhonathan wrote @

She seems detached from reality and has a lot of misdirected anger. She claims she empowers women but really, she just seems pissed off at everyone. Sad really.


  Mizz E. wrote @

I miss the Susan Powter who seemed to care about helping the overlooked overweight and under excersized. Now she looks and acts like a Tweaker. She had an incredible fitness empire. If I could find her routines on DVD id still use them.


  Mr. Anonymous® wrote @

Agreed. She professes to be a lesbian, yet her book was all about her husband “Prince.” MAYBE that prick turned her off men?


  Zulu wrote @

You should read her now. She’s totally off her rocker!! Listen to her Spreaker shows & read some of her tweets. Angry, agitated, not in New Mexico anymore, and really whacked out. I think she’s gone over the cliff.


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