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Five industries doomed to failure

As Sir Isaac Newton once famously stated, “What goes up must come down.” The brain-trust at has compiled a list of five things that are not only on their way down, but that were destined to fail from the start.

5) The Record Store

Remember spending lazy Saturday afternoons at your local record shop leafing through the latest releases from your favourite bands? Well, those days are gone.

The advent of digital music sales, as well as digital music piracy, has made high-cost physical music stores economically unviable and, perhaps more tragically, has rendered obsolete millions of snobbish record store clerks.

4) Factory Farming

The meat industry doesn’t just kill the animals we eat, it’s also killing us. Our commitment to including dead beasts in every meal is clogging our arteries while justifying the often inhumane conditions in which meat is mass produced. For the sake of animal welfare and the health of our species, the future of factory farming looks bleak.

3) The Tobacco Industry

The practice of selling a product that isn’t allowed to be advertised and that almost certainly kills its consumers is destined to go up in smoke. The World Health Organization estimates that tobacco caused 100 million deaths over the course of the 20th century. Addiction and Don Draper might be the only two things keeping the industry afloat.

Find out why big tobacco is in big trouble.

2) Celebrities

From reality TV stars to unstable scions and heiresses, it’s impossible to keep track of the millions of people now contributing to our cultural wasteland. And with sites like Facebook and Twitter turning us all into public figures, we now live in a world where everyone is a celebrity and thus no one is one.

1) Print Media

It’s unwieldy, expensive, and it leaves ink on your hands, not to mention the fact that it’s contributing to the destruction of our planet – so why, in the ditigal age, do we continue to print on paper? If another argument is needed, take that guy on the subway whose newspaper is always strewn across three seats. Get an iPad, buddy!

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