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TimSo my friend Tim comes over yesterday. Tim is homeless. Lives at the county run homeless shelter. Path of life rings a bell.

I ask him to mow my back yard. I have arthritis in my knees and I literally can’t do it. Tim does it. He asks to use my cellphone. I comply.

Tim’s calling an old employer about a reference for job applications. Tim goes into detail about a drywall job that he completed a couple of weeks ago. I am aware of the situation.  He was not paid in full.

He was ripped off by a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and every brother that the member has. Tim was passed around like a retarded slut and then kicked to the curb.

Lord knows I have nothing against retards or sluts.

I tend to embrace them both. But I don’t like to see them abused.

While Tim is talking I strain hard to recall the details of his last unpaid (or massively underpaid) drywall job. I pull the name of the street from the moss of my mind.


I tell Tim that I’m going over to toss a brick through the delinquent homeowners window. It should be easy. It’s a vacant rental owned by the scum of the earth.

(This slacker is getting cramps in his wrist. He is not a typist.)

To be continued…

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