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At the outset of a journey, it makes perfect sense to gather the things you might need while away.
For 24-year-old Gavin Stanger, those things were:

  • a lighter
  • rolling papers
  • tobacco
  • tattoo ink
  • EIGHT tatoo needles
  • a small pipe
  • and a bag of pot

But this was no free wheeling weekend music festival Gavin was headed to: it was jail.

He couldn’t rightly stroll in with his necessities in a bag slung over his shoulder, so he did the smart thing and shoved it all up his ass.

“We were all wondering, how do you put all that up there” Wenatchee, Washington Police Sergeant John Kruse wondered aloud.

A better question would be “Why?”

Booked on a misdemeanor-disorderly-conduct charge, Stanger had agreed to pay his price with jail time. Had he NOT stuffed his ass with contraband, he’d have been behind bars for a mere three days.

Shortly after being signed in and searched, a prison guard spotted a plastic bag and duct tape floating in the toilet of the cell that Stanger occupied alone.

On questioning, Stanger fessed up.

“The tobacco was pretty impressive,” Kruse said.
“It was a good ounce”

Gavin will face additional charges for his ingenuity.

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