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MORMONS | what the fuck ?

the Mormons

Mormon Under Garment

MAGIC GARMENTS: worn by extremely devout followers of the American Mormon "church"

Like most of the Mormon cult’s practices, magic underwear seems to be another poorly kept, weirdo secret.
It is basically a set of long underwear but the Mormons believe it protects them from evil.

Their magic underwear are worn under their real underwear. Picture a woman wearing a man’s T-shirt and boxer briefs under her bra and panties, and that’s the look.

Some even sew embroidered patches into their magic undies, adding even more mystical, magical gibberish to the mix.

People might try and argue that it isn’t called magic underwear but if it really protects you from evil then its gotta be magic!

[Ed.} You want an example? I dunno, ask a Mormon for one the next time one comes to your door to convert you.


  Karen Zipdrive in Idaho wrote @

I had a boss who was a Mormon priesthood holder on the side. You could see the outline of his magic underwear on his upper legs through his trousers.

He professed to be some kind of moral role model but in actuality all he worshipped was money.

He treated his staff like slaves and his upper management (all women) like sister wives.

In addition to thinking his magic drawers would bring him x-ray vision, the ability to fly and other insane delusions, he also thinks when he dies he’ll inherit his own planet to rule.

He hides behind a conservative, family values, religious Christian Republican facade, but in reality the man is totally batshit crazy.


  Mr. Anonymous® wrote @

Hi Karen!

Thanks for commenting,

Hmmmm… ability to FLY? I just might look into this further!

Up, up and awayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!


  Joe Smith in Utah wrote @

Underwear of the mormon religion. Also known as Garments or simply G’s. These Magic underwear give mormons the power of flight, invisibility, x-ray vision and gardening.

Don’t ask a mormon about his majic underwear or you will be attacked by an army of scary happy plastic robots 🙂

Man, good thing I had on my magic underwear, or I would have been killed when that steam-roller rolled over me. LMAO


  Mr. Anonymous® wrote @

On second-thought, ain’t this just a bit fucking CREEPY? I clicked for a zoom and noticed the intense stitching around the titz and cock pouch – guess it’s one way for the church to keep it’s denizens “by-the-balls!” Fuck OFF!


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