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BIG Brother | Google’s Eyeball Counting Camera

The Eyebox is a camera designed by a company called Xuuk that’s working in partnership with Google to count eyeballs. This small palm-sized camera is designed to register the number of people of that look at billboards by counting the amount of eyeballs.


The Eyebox uses multiple infrared sensors to shine beams that can track redeye in people’s eyeballs as they look at any particular hoarding or billboard. Billboards will simply have to be equipped by this device that connects to a computer via USB interface.

Earlier devices ranged close to Rs. 1,02,5000. It wasn’t just the price though, it also required people to stay still and was effective only if they were approximately 2 feet away. So the range was not too far. But the Eyebox cost just Rs. 41,000 ($1000), which is a drastic drop in the price obviously. It is capable of working from around 32 feet away and it doesn’t require viewers to look directly at the device.

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