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England | Category: Fed up

Where shall i Start???????


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This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

what’s pissing me off the most??????????
the lack of real skunk.
why is there only spun dried bright green hard grainy bad so called skunk on the streets ?
it don’t buzz yer and it gives you a tight chest & head pains.

I want to get stoned in that happy don’t give a shit place.
because I am not stoned I am at the will of my emotions my untamed crazy mixed up emotions, all this could just fade away if I had some real uncontaminated skunk weed.

I wouldn’t care about the silly side tracks the governments of the world are planning and plotting with their one world order & agenda 21.

I could laugh in the face of adversity & danger instead of take crap on board & want to get my stupid head right up my own arse drowning in my own straight twisted feelings.

I dearly wish i had grown my own this year, But no I am a real big twat & was put off by the law and the nasty hoodies around me that like to steal other peoples efforts.

life feels so sad & messed up & even if it is, it wouldn’t feel so bad if I could just smoke a nice fat spliff of skunk weed.

it makes me sick to think I could buy alcohol  smack crack kettermine coke mda & all sorts of pills, but I don’t want none of that shit it makes me ill & depressed it has killed my friends in the past, my skunk weed is my friend it heals my body & mind taking me to a much better headspace.

in fact cannabis has never killed anyone so why is it illegal???????????

Damn this government induced drought, Damn the government Damn the law,Damn I need a draw.

Why cant I just get a nice bit of clean healing cannabis? Why can you lot get off your face on drugs & alcohol, its like punishment for giving up the drugs & alcohol for me.

It’s my own fault I should have grown my own. DebE’s dry, not high !!!

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