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SPECIAL Report | “HACK MY PC! – If you think you can…”

Dave Duke, PhD "Entrepreneur"

You might think you are safe online, with all your security products in place, boasting to your friends how many firewalls you have and that your virus checker is the best on the planet. The sales hype from these big companies give online users a VERY false sense of security.

This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

Once you plug your computer into the ever growing world-wide-web you can be at risk within seconds. With the speed of computers and automated internet hacking tools, your PC can be infected before you have even logged into it!

Virus checkers and firewalls are a weak solution to the automated security of your home PC.

A basic understanding of processing and communications can be more effective against new threats than multiple expensive security products. This first article is an overview of what a hacker can do within minutes of finding your PC online.

The computer underworld, a dark and dangerous place for the uninitiated newbie.

I was talking to Mr. Anonymous, looking for an idea on an article which would be interesting to undertake and educational to his listeners; the internet user.

We came upon the idea of a hacker breaking into a willing participant’s PC, accessing their files and software, then interview them, to get a detailed point of view as a victim of a computer hacker, and the power you have as a hacker over someone on the other side of the planet.

In the process of this demonstration, I did not damage, remove or change any data, although with the power of hacking processes and tools, it would have been quite easy to render his/her online life obsolete.

Even as we were talking, I took the liberty of taking a photo of our subject’s desktop. Using modern techniques accessing a remote computer can take less than 5 seconds!


As we go through this demonstration, I will take more photos of his desktop so you can see from a hackers point of view what kind of information can be leaked out just by the display on your computer.

The most common reaction that I have had when someone asks me to try and break into their computer – WITH PERMISSION of course – is sheer panic! I have even had people pull the power cord from their PC when they saw me sending them pictures I took from their webcam.

The other reaction more typical of a hardened computer user is to switch all their security products onto “high alert”, in fact we can see this here. Not that it did any good.


As you can see, people have a false belief in CONSUMER security products, convinced that these magic tools will protect them. The next thing they will do, is wonder

  • has he got in?
  • is my security working?
  • Does he now know personal information about me?

The biggest problem users have, is because they cannot see anything unusual they think everything is ok, [the best hackers are the ones you never know have even been in your system]

As most hackers are never detected, (modern security products have major flaws which allow many hackers access) people do not see a real risk, therefore carry on oblivious to what may be happening in the background.

next week… SOLUTIONS!

This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

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