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Her snoring is driving me crazy!

snore-guardQUESTION: I’ve been living with a wonderful girl that I love deeply for about a year now. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her except for one little thing. She snores. Very loud and all night long!

I’ve tried everything including sleeping on the couch in the other room but we live in a small studio-like apartment so it doesn’t make an ounce of difference in the noise level. I’m becoming a physical and emotional wreck without sleep and I can’t take it anymore. Any ideas on what I could do? HELP! – David in Las Vegas

ANSWER: Have you tried holding a pillow over her face at night to muffle the sound?

What is it about snoring that brings out the homicidal tendencies in people? An old boyfriend of mine had that problem and I would lie awake every night listening to him snore and fantasize about bashing his head in with a fireplace poker!

It really doesn’t matter how much you poke, pinch or push someone who snores because nothing you try and do stops that infuriating racket!

Short of murder, I would recommend using industrial strength ear plugs covered by a good pair of noise blocking headphones when you go to bed. Who cares how crazy you might look, at least you won’t hear her and you’ll get a good nights sleep while keeping a firm grip on your sanity.

(Of course David,  this means you won’t hear the fire alarm either if it goes off during the night but that’s a whole other problem!)

Sweet dreams…

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