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“J Stroking” on Alta Lake, B.C.

Something magical happens when you arrive at the summit of the small valley that contains Whistler. A cluster of small lakes is gathered here, reflecting the outlines of the mountains high above, including Alta Lake, the great divide in the Sea to Sky corridor. No other lakes have scenery quite like this to mirror.
Amber on Alta Lake

A lazy canoe session on Alta Lake is the perfect end to a perfect day in Whistler; or a great all-day adventure. The lake is surrounded by mountains, with Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains to the East and Rainbow Mountain to the West.

The vast lake has always been a source of tourism for Whistler, and set the scene for the village’s first ever tourist attraction, Rainbow Fishing Lodge in the early 1920s.

Fishing, windsurfing, stand up paddleboarding, canoeing, kayaking and lounging are all part of the Alta Lake good times.

There are several boat rental companies located right on the lake at Wayside and Lakeside Parks: Whistler Eco Tours (WET) and Backroads also offer a variety of tour options. Get there from the Village by bike or a short walk.

The River of Golden Dreams tour, which starts at Alta Lake and ends in Green Lake, is one of the most popular trips for tourists and locals alike. If you’re going self-guided, you will need to think of a creative way to get your canoe from Green Lake back to Alta, as the river only flows one way.

Locals tend to opt for the two car or bike option, while visitors can arrange with their rental company to pick them up.

Canoeing on Alta Lake itself is just as fun. Practice your “J” Stroke in style: Bring a picnic, a fishing rod and your swimsuit and just paddle from dock to dock, exploring every corner of the lake. Take in the amazing mountainscape and the peaceful sounds of being on a lake in the middle of the Great Canadian Outdoors!

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