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Air France 447 presumed to have plunged into the Atlantic Ocean!

Air France 447 hourly update
Horrible, horrible news!

I’m very upset! This huge jet airliner is supposed to be one of the safest modes to cross the vast distances that separate us. I don’t think i can remember the last time an accident of this magnitude was ever reported in the international press. Sure, the odd close-call here and there; but a FULL FLIGHT in the middle of it’s crossing… no, i can’t recall that one.

Please… there are children aboard… chilling visuals. Surreal. I guess i was hoping to hear another miraculous emergency landing on some remote island… guess i’m ever the optimist?

Shocking. Sad. Devastating for the people who travelled to the aerogare and waited to greet their loved ones returning from abroad… imagine.

Late Sunday night, Air France Flight 447 traveling from Galeao International Airport in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris, France was reported missing.

Goddamned, motherfucking, cocksucking electrical storms? I’m saying it right here – i do believe that airbus was struck by lightning. We’ll see in the days to come.

The most popular theory at this point in time is that the plane encountered turbulence caused by unusually severe thunderstorms. The plane was flying close to the equator which is the area where hurricane storms begin; due to the fact that this is the very beginning of hurricane season, the storms were particularly treacherous.

The thunder and lightning storms can reach more than 50,000 feet in the air, making it difficult for planes to fly over or under them. Instead of taking a lengthy diversion, most will attempt to fly straight through the storm, usually without incident.

All planes currently are designed to be able to weather lightning, hail and strong storms which makes some doubt that the storms alone caused the suspected crash. Strong storms in conjunction with other mechanical issues the plane may have had could have caused the plane to go down.

That’s some shakey shit – these NEW planes are supposed to be virtually indestructible!

When i think of those people crashing to their end in the unforgiving ocean, it sends a chill down my spine! Maybe we are ALL just one flight away from the end? I travel a lot. I have crossed that ocean many times, in fact in a few weeks, i’ll be travelling to Spain, via Paris.

God bless the dooomed…

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