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Flirting Girl of the Antipodes

Ever so subtly with each of her nuances

eyeShe fluttered her eyelids twice

Debating the validity of her chances

Flirtatiously smiling at those she fancies

With invites to entice

Swaying to the softness of parlance

Inviting you with wonder

Frolicking and flitting in some butterfly prance

Fluttering swiftly in her nocturnal dance

A life inept down under

She hears the aborigine

His invites to the corroboree

She ventures off to Turtle Beach

She feels the world is out of reach

She scans into the distant haze

As far as she can see

The shimmering halo averts her gaze

The stampeding aura of sunlit glaze

The flirting girl of Antipode

She waits on the shoreline for him

Her man

She tries to speak in tongues

Anything to be so young!

She wants to change time

Is that such a crime?

She really wants to let you in

Into her world of infinite sin

She cries each night with prayers

She struggles here, she really cares

She misses him but not the silence

Almost akin to domestic violence

Her feet sink heavily in the sand

She is stuck in this mystical land

She calls out loud

To hear the sound

Of her voice reverberating, so bland

So, if you see her on the shoreline

Then ask her for a swim

And if the storms invade the sunshine

Clouding her solitude so sublime

Invite the lady in!

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