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Gordon Brown’s First Warning…

megafoneHow was the cannabis protest? The smallest protest in the world took place Saturday the 2nd of May, opposite #10 Downing Street, against England’s dangerous new cannabis laws.

THE JOKE WAS…..all the other cannabis users are at home getting stoned…

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can 20 or 30 people really make a difference?

We made noise and did get attention from lots of tourists & a few photographers, although we appeared more like a side-show than a demo because there were so few of us.

David & I went up on the Shovel, & parked it in St Thomas’s and walked over the bridge toking amongst the tourists on the way to Downing Street.  Real life hits you in the face & seeing such a small group of people there it reminded me of a Lost in Space gig 🙂

We played the weed song that went down well, then i stood in the box and had a shout at Gordon Browns home, well that fucked my voice completely, then out came the medical use hand held loud speakers (better late than never) So I went in the mock jail cell that our main organizer Pinky had made. That’s when I felt a real sense of power ranting about the good uses of cannabis as opposed to the negative results of alcohol, break the conditioning; take off your uniform go home & partake of cannabis. By 1.30 I was ready to go home and do just that.

This is the 3rd cannabis protest organized By Protest London I can’t believe how little support it gets and it would be so good if next time there were hundreds even thousands there, the police wont be able to fence us in or pin-point the smell of weed.

Gordon Brown wont be able to hear my voice over the support of all of us united pot heads. Thousands (ask your dealer:-) use cannabis in London if we all come together we could make a difference.

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