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Steve Tuttle, Slimy Salesman

A “Taser” is an electroshock weapon meant to stun (not kill) a targeted “subject” (a.k.a. HUMAN BEING) from a distance. Almost 1,000 deaths! (so far.)

Currently there are two main models, the M26 and X26. Both come with various “accessories” (who DOESN’T love accessories!!), including a laser sight and mounted digital video camera that can record in low light situations. Taser International is also marketing a civilian model called the C2. (PROFITS!)

Click on this image for the hidden truth...

Click on this image for the hidden truth...

Taser is also in talks with the US Marine Corps in creating the “XREP” (eXtended Range Electronic Projectile), a wireless taser round that can be fired from a shotgun. (Holy Crap!) it’s ROBOCOPS!


Tasers were introduced as a less-lethal weapon (Hmmm what happened to NON LETHAL) with the intention to be used by police to subdue fleeing, belligerent, (REALLY? – I’m fucking “belligerent you cocksuckers – does this mean i get to be electrocuted instead of TALKED TO?) – OR – “potentially” dangerous suspects – often when a lethal weapon would have otherwise been used – Hmmm… back to TALKING – so if i understand correctly, the cops would “NORMALLY” draw a weapon for beligerency? And SHOOT-TO-KILL ?





PART TWOTasers have not proven unequivocally to reduce gun usage and there are a number of growing controversies surrounding them. Yeah, fucking right there’s controversy. People are DYING from the use of this weapon!!

AND look at this bruiser for “crowd control” – yunno, PEACFUL PROTESTS.. THIS INSANITY HAS GOT TO STOP!!  Is Freedom (of speech – “don’t taze me Bro”, of assembly – destined to become just a faint memory… YOU DECIDE! – OR – THEY WILL.

TASER International's SHOCKWAVE™

TASER International's SHOCKWAVE™

Just imagine being on the receiving end of THIS bad boy !! If don’t think they would release this into a crowd, you’re in denial. They develop these WEAPONS to USE them – against YOU. Violence DEFINES america. Very soon, you will become a SLAVE to Taser International’s STOCK PRICE (YES! – it’s a fucking PUBLICLY TRADED – PROFIT DRIVEN organization!!)  FUCKING SICK…

PROFIT from the misery of others. Wait, how stupid of me, that’s what LAWYERS do. America has more lawyers than any country in history. YOU connect the dots.


Stevie Tuttles trying to look like a cop 🙂


  Xenu wrote @

Maybe the officers should check the proper operation of the weapon on each other before they go out on their shift !!!!!! Sensitivity training 🙂

LMAO just thinking of lawyers zapping each other – and liking it ! BBBsssstttt… !


  John wrote @

These guys remind me of the cigarette compnaies.


  Reality Chick wrote @

Thanks for the link to my website (TNT – Truth … not tasers) at

Another very good Canadian website is


  Mr. Anonymous® wrote @

You’re most welcome Chickie Poo (did I say that out loud?!) Thank YOU for creating such important content!


  Not Quite wrote @

I’d rather shoot someone with a taser than with firearm. Y’know, the off-chance that cardiac arrest could kill the person is very preferable to the assured risk of blood-loss and irreparable trauma to muscle-tissue. That says nothing of permanent paralysis if I nicked the spine. Should I assume that anyone who would break into my house and ignores my warnings deserves to die, because I’m certainly not going to ask them politely to leave (on the civvy side of things). Funny thing; I can buy a rifle much easier than a taser, and carrying one without proper certification is as serious as illegally carrying a pistol.

There’s also the other aspect to cover; accountability. Tasers are registered to users, and track when they’ve been deployed, and how long the user has administered the pulses on an internal computer. The X26 even has a regulator that pauses the pulses after a length of time. Whether or not officers who abuse them are reprimanded isn’t the taser’s fault, it’s the department, as is lack of appropriate training with the weapons. Let’s ban batons, hand-cuffs, mag-lites, and hand-held radios next. (If you don’t think all of which can be used as a weapon, or used excessively as such, you haven’t met the business end of one)

Yes. Less lethal. Like a bean-bag round. Like a baton. Like punching someone. Any act of violence has potential to kill someone, including yelling at them loudly, but any option that reduces that risk is preferable, with non-violence being the best option. Sadly, some people are just too intent on doing harm to listen to reason.

Then again, you could just call me a conservative facist that wants nothing more than to subjugate the masses with MTHEL and Tasers. It isn’t true, but the fact that I’m defending them might be good enough.


  Mr. Anonymous® wrote @

ANOTHER fucking American. Brother you can sell yourself any line of bullshit you wanna believe – the FACT is, Tasers KILL!

You can’t REALLY believe that in a so-called “civilized” world, it’s “right” to have law enforcement officials (that’s you) going around shooting people to death, whether it be a taser or bullets. (and you misspeelled fascist – Pig.)


  cop-shock wrote @

this is accountability:


  Mr. Anonymous® wrote @

NICE! Beating back the man! THIS is the shit i’m talking about. WHY the fuck does it take FOUR cops to subdue ONE fucking guy with a FLAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, is there a fucking reason some asshole with a flag is a serious threat? Why not just let the assclown make it to the other side and issue him a TICKET?

There are TOO MANY cops in the world and they are all starting to arm themselves with ELECTROSHOCK WEAPONS. If WE are not careful, here comes the Kafkaesque society!?

Power to the people ! (YES, I’m a fucking liberal pinko socialist:-)


  calvin&hobbes wrote @

you people and this site are so full of Sh*t.And the guy 2 ahead of me misspelled misspelled.


  Mr. Anonymous® wrote @

Calvin, you are such a dweeb! (learn how to SPEEL) – it’s SHIT not Sh*t! Wait, no, is that a TASER!? Fssttttttt!!! (I knew you was a cock-sucking COP!)

Note to self: find out if cocksucker is hyphenated or not… either way…


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