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Celebrex® | Drug Company Comedy!

celebrex-smI just walked away from a television commercial paid for by American drug company Pfizer. Hilarious! The pitchman/announcer juxtaposed with the “warning lady” –  I felt compelled to stand up from the drivel :30 seconds in when the side-effect warnings began. “May cause DEATH.”  WTF?


The voice-over gal says something like, “Celebrex may lead to heart attack, which can lead to death.” Death? What?! That’s bad, right?

Are Americans REALLY this fucking stoopid?

What fucking MORON would EVER buy let alone ingest something that carries the risk of KILLING YOU!!  I guess i AM forgetting my smoking days… but surely, when the manufacturer tells you their product’s “side-effects” include HEART-ATTACK and DEATH… What the hell are you taking this “feel-better medicine” for?

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ll bet the farm that DEAD feels worse than whatever ails you 🙂

‘Nuff said.

(Excuse me. i have to go take my “pills” )


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