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COMEDY | how is gay marriage destroying America?

NOM Storm: A Response

A young guy walks into a bar and orders 6 shots of Jager. The bartender says ‘Fuck Me! Six Shots? Is it your birthday or something?’

‘Nah I’m celebrating my first blowjob actually’

‘Well in that case I’ll pour your 6 shots, but I’ll give you a 7th on the house’
‘No thanks,’ replies the guy, If 6 shots doesn’t take away the taste, nothing will!!

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  Mr. Anonymous® wrote @

OF COURSE they would “say the same things”. The MINDSET of the “intolerant” individual is the SAME as that of a rapist… er, racist…

AND you can’t pursue your happiness cuz you’re in AMERIKA! – land of the free.. BULLSHIT! MOVE to ANYWHERE else in the world, America is a SICK country.


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