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MOR·ONS | the leaked audition tapes for the Mormon-backed anti-gay marriage commercials

By now you ‘ve probably seen the ads barfed up by The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), created in response to the recent advances in gay marriage laws in Vermont and Iowa. These craptastic commercials have hastily been slapped together courtesy of the Mormon Church; the people who brought you Prop 8, the Osmonds and magic underwear.

Gathering Storm… hUH?

But what you may not have realized is that even idiocy has to be rehearsed. And while the idea of gays getting married is frightening, it’s not so scary that NOM was able to find real people who are scared by it.


Auditions For Marriage Lie Ad, Part 1

NOM Gay Marriage Commercial Auditions pt 2

So here are some leaked audition tapes of shitty actors, pretending to be terrified by the prospect of complete strangers making a legal commitment to each other which will affect them in no way. Scary!

What I love about this is that it’s even more moronic and pathetic than the commercials themselves; something I would not have thought possible.

And what a wonderful revelation it all is! Because anyone can see that this is not about salvation. This is show business. Beneath all the passion and the piety, this is a cheap production on green screen, and somewhere, someone has this on their reel.

I’d throw in a Wizard of Oz reference, but that would be so gay.

Nicked from April
because it was THAT fucking good !


  Lord Humungus wrote @

Damn!! The leaked audition tapes have been removed from the server. So much for preaching free will.


  Mr. Anonymous® wrote @

I have hunted them down!! (ACTUALLY I already downloaded them in advance – smelling this bullshit, i will UPloading them if this thing doesn’t stay viral… would you expect anything LESS!! If YOU have a YOUtube account, plz download and then UP load these videos. This organization is preaching HATE and nothing else. Let’s show them that the INTERNET is NOT a place for their horseshit (ooppss… sorry, that would be an insult to HORSES!) THEIR HATE IS NOT WELCOME ON THE WEB!

ALSO have a few BONUS trax for ya 🙂

Gay Education?

TheYoungTurks take this on

Commentary from YouTube User /freedomanddemocracy

The National Organization For (Against) Marriage was created by the Mormons who helped with Prop 8. Help revoke their tax-exempt status.

Google “revoke mormon tax exempt status”.

Sorry for the delay… Mmmm Easter CHOCOLATE!


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