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Quebec orders police to turn in Tasers

The Quebec government is gradually pulling all its Taser stun guns off the street for testing after new lab results revealed problems with some of the weapons.

The Quebec government found problems with five Taser X26 stun guns, sparking a provincewide recall of the weapons. (Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press)

The Quebec government found problems with five Taser X26 stun guns, sparking a provincewide recall of the weapons. (Canadian Press)

Quebec was the first province to order testing of the stun guns after a CBC/Radio-Canada investigation showed some used by Canadian police did not meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

The province sent 52 stun guns made before 2005 to an independent lab for testing. Five of them performed outside normal range.

With the results in hand, Quebec Public Security Minister Jacques Dupuis ordered all of the province’s police departments to send their Taser stun guns to the lab for testing. The recall affects 167 weapons.

“I want the experts to check those guns. If they are malfunctioning, they should be taken out [of use],” Dupuis said Friday.

The Quebec government has not provided details on how the guns malfunctioned or how much current they delivered.

The problem weapons came from Longueuil, Eastmain and Akwesasne. Police say none of the weapons had been used against a person. The five stun guns will be destroyed, said the government.

The remaining 47 weapons have been returned to police.

Dupuis said the new recall affects all stun guns made after 2005.

He said police agencies are being instructed to send the weapons in batches so they are not left without Tasers completely.

Quebec tests echo CBC/Radio-Canada findings


'It clearly shows that all Tasers are not perfect.'

Quebec first became concerned about stun guns after a CBC/Radio-Canada investigation last fall.

CBC tested 41 Taser stun guns and found that 10 per cent delivered higher jolts of electric current than specified by the manufacturer, Taser International. All the Tasers that malfunctioned were older models.

Pierre Savard, the biomedical engineer who conducted the CBC/Radio-Canada analysis, also worked with the province on developing the protocol for its study.

“It is difficult for me to say something definite about those results but it clearly shows that all Tasers are not perfect,” said Pierre Savard.

There are thousands of Tasers in use by police across the country and most major police forces are in the process of having their the stun guns tested.

Critics, supporters applaud recall decision

Critics of stun gun use in Quebec were pleased by the minister’s decision.

Marvin Rotrand, a Montreal city councillor, hopes the recall will lead to a full ban in Quebec.

‘The minister now has an opportunity not only to test whether Tasers in the police arsenal across Quebec actually are safe, but whether we might be better off if Tasers were retired from the arsenal altogether.’

Montreal city councillor

“Is this a valid part of the police arsenal? The proof has not been made conclusively,” said Rotrand.

Claude Dauphin, the executive committee member responsible for public security, said the Montreal police department will send its stun guns to the lab as requested.

He supports the government’s decision to test the stun guns, and hopes the findings will reassure the public that they are important tools for police.

“When we use the Taser gun it is the last resort before the real gun,” said Dauphin. “That is why on the island … we made sure with our police authorities that [the stun gun] has to be used in a very restricted operation.”

Taser International reacts

Taser International’s vice-president of communications, Steve Tuttle, released a brief statement Friday.

“Without the opportunity to review the results, Taser International is unable to validate test procedures and the claimed results,” read the statement.

“Under no circumstance should any of these devices be destroyed so they may be further analyzed by Taser International, Inc.”

EDITOR: If they are destroyed, which seems more than likely, then Taser can claim they never had a chance to do their own ‘high quality, independent’ testing of the devices in question, thus raising some doubts at to the legitimacy of the Quebec Public Security’s testing methods.

On the other hand if the weapons were not destroyed and then returned to Taser for testing they can claim the weapons all passed with ‘flying colours’, which would again, raise some doubts as to the legitimacy of the Quebec Public Security’s testing methods. Either way, Slimy Steve wins…

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