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Poetess Viola Bow | Ankh

Its too late ~
The statues have been blessed
The effigies entombed inside
Are cradled bare to rest
And from the static drone
Of Horus diatribe
A perfect gift emerges
As Goddess from the skyankh

Its painful and pointless to continue
this death march
She’s fallen apart
Fragment of heart

Its too late ~
The mastaba is locked
The Ankh has been created
From the sadness that you mocked
She lies with kings in crypts
In radiance divine
She writes in hieroglyphs
On papyrus strips of time

Gently as wisps
Her spirit drifts
With the Ibis flock soaring
Egyptian mists

Down the Nile and through the reeds
Set follows coyly, Set coyly seethes
From the reticent silence fate has decreed
That with this Ankh shining she has no need

The expulsion of Set
(spoke in one easy breath!)
And that is the next step
(Who will come next?)

I saw Set,
The mummified crocodile,
Still cocooned
Nestled behind locked gate for a while
In the Saharan desert
Bare teeth grinning, rotted, doomed

and all I brought back was the Ankh

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