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QUESTION: I’ve been married for 12 years and recently found out my husband is having an affair with someone he met in a chat room on the Internet. He swears he isn’t cheating on me since they have never met in person or even talked on the phone, but he did confess that they have “cybersex” at least four times a week. What should I do?cybersex

Cathy in Iowa

ANSWER: You can take comfort in the fact that since he’s never seen or spoken to this person on the phone then he’s probably talking to a man.

As for the “cybersex” usually, he’s basically simply jacking off in front of his computer to nothing but dirty words.

Before this escalates any further it sounds like you need to fix a little problem you might have going on in your marriage. My advice is to grab the nearest shotgun and do an Elvis on his computer screen (that should get his attention). Then I would call and make an appointment with the nearest nut doctor so all of you can have a little chat about why he’s typing with one hand.

That being said, I can’t understand why anyone, married or single, would want to replace the real thing with a keyboard and Instant Messenger. Even if you can’t get it anywhere else you can always get it from a hooker! They don’t discriminate and there’s a gal available for every monetary level the government can print.

Go green baby!


  Samantha wrote @

I diasagree. For men, CyberSex can be better than real sex. It’s safer than a strip club or a blind date!


  Mr. Anonymous® wrote @

SAM! – R U fucking RETARDED? NOTHING is better than “real” sex – except maybe CRACK! – BUTT HEY! we’re already talking bout crack ! (and what’s with this “safer” crap?)


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