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Scientology soon to be Busted for Fraud | Anonymous feature

Yay!! – that didn’t take long!


  John wrote @

This scientology sounds like a new world
order.Frankley,aren,t there enough dumb
ideas floating around the world.To Leon and
his henchmen BAD IDEA


  Max Champion wrote @

John, you are correct. A new world order is the intention. When they talk about “clearing the planet”, that means “disposing” of anyone they consider to be “degraded”- ie homosexuals, psychiatrists, psychologists and anyone who opposes Scientology – and to dispose of them “quietly and without sorrow”. Hubbard justified this, saying that such people should have no civil rights.


  Mr. Anonymous® wrote @

Sounds one step short of “ethnic cleansing” – good thing Hitler warned the world’s people what evil is. David Miscabbage is a taurus too. These fucking assclowns are so over, they just don’t know it yet. Imagine the $$$ the U.S. treasury can collect from scientolofucks… MILLIONS!! They (U.S.) are VERY interested… GOOD NEWS at last !


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