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‘LOST IN SPACE’ | meet South London’s SKULL ROCK Masters

Friday the 13th, Afterhourz® Members were treated to a special performance from the UK by veteran punk rockers, ‘LOST-IN-SPACE

Edited Audio Posted two weeks after broadcast…

Be part of the ‘Rebirth’ of ‘Skull Rock’ – with South London’s ‘Lost in Space’.

Playing all over London and the home counties, delivering a ‘Groove’ in their songs and punch in their Lyrics, they make Music for the Brain; brains are kept in Skulls, hence ‘Skull Rock’.

Personnel | Drums: Bob Wond Lead Guitar: David Elthalion and DebE: Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

‘Lost in Space’ were frequently played on ‘London FM’ – Pirate radio, songs like…’Get a Life’ ‘Peckham to Brixton’ & ‘Yeah Sure’!

Now they are back together with lots more NEW! Skull Rock songs.

“the Other Bands are afraid of us!” | DebE™

a few InterView!® excerpts:

Do you think the internet (mp3) changes the music industry?
We have video recorded most of our rehearsals and put them up on YouTube, (type in Debespace) however my short documentary called “Why was Jesus a Magic Mushroom has had over 50,000 hits in its first year! Who knew?…

Your influences?
Tool, rock, punk, jungle, drum & bass, roots, classical, pop, folk, r&b…

Favorite spot?
Anything else…?
“i was on TMF a show called Wannabe, i got a call from MTV via star now my on line agents. They wanted me to audition for their show looking for an over 25 year old woman to be in a girl band.
i went along for the laugh & maybe publicity, i got both & for the last 3 weeks i have been in the advert for wannabe singing agressivley a small bit of the Van Halen classic ‘Mean Street’

One of these people wants to fuck your sister...

Originally formed in 1992:

“We started this band in the early 90’s” says lead guitarist David Elthalion. It all began when Deb and I discovered that our musical tastes were similar. She was dancing in the local club scene when i walked up with my guitar and wooed her away…”

“We need more choice gigs now, so do get in touch if you want something a bit different and rocking.” Contact

Deborah Ethalion

Deborah Elthalion | Composer

For a listen & a look at the 3 original Skull Rocker’s ‘Lost in Space’ check these linx: Lost in My Space | Facebook | DebEspace


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