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Why Marijuana Remains Illegal

One listener responds to Gordon Brown’s policy of “upgrading” the earth’s simple weed to a Class B offence – now making YOU the criminal!!

Last week, a bill to upgrade cannabis from a class C offence to a class B offence was passed into law by the UK parliament, even though there was mass protest against it.

This means that people who use cannabis for recreational reasons could face bigger fines and longer prison sentences. This seems completely inhumane.

Why should people’s livelihoods be put at risk and be potentially ruined by this government when cannabis has been used since the dawn of time to enhance peoples lives.

The Brown government are behaving like tyrants; not listening to the people and putting out anti-cannabis propaganda TV adverts aimed at putting off teenage boys with silly images of one young man smoking, then he multiplies into him as the munchies, him as paranoia, him as chatty, him as chilled and so on.

The funny thing is you dont see him laying on the floor cold blue dead OD.

So why dont they stop making this advert and make anti-HEROIN or anti-ALCOHOL adverts? This is proof the government would rather see us die than get stoned on cannabis. How can they get away with this? Cannabis is a gift from nature that we should be able to celebrate with out fear of having our freedom taken away.

– from an Anonymous UK listener.

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