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Sebastian Horsley, Dandy

Sebastian Horsley, Dandy

The Evening Standard, 16 February 2009


IT SEEMS Sebastian Horsley is to be a dandy on celluloid now that his scabrous no-holds-barred autobiography, Dandy in the Underworld, has been optioned by Stephen Fry’s Sprout Films.

Horsley’s memoir was widely regarded to be one of the most revolting of recent times, and only last year he was thrown out of America on grounds of moral turpitude. He is delighted at the news, claiming that:

‘Turning your book into a movie is like turning your daughter over to a pimp. Fun.’

This is despite his reservations about making the film in the UK. ‘British films are usually awful,’ he tells me. ‘They are as boring as life in England really is. The Americans make movies, the French make films, the English make adverts.’

The artist, who is perhaps best known for crucifying himself while being filmed by Sarah Lucas, likes to be the centre of attention so will he play himself? ‘God no, I’d be completely miscast. It will have to be Robert Downey Jr. He is perfect. He is from the methadone school of acting. And if he is not available, I guess it will have to be Bruce Forsyth.’sebastian-horsley

Sebastian's Hilarious Book

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