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USA: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of …Destruction?

PammyIt truly boggles my mind, the ridiculous thoughts that run amok within the brains of my fellow wo/man; it further disgusts me when these thoughts, put to action can directly influence our society in such a negative fashion.

It is these despicable human actions and the thorough demonstration of ignorance that caused vomit to rise in my throat…

hitler-moustacheHeath and Deborah Campbell are a fine example of the lack of human decency that plagues our society.  The Pennsylvania couple has recently made U.S. headlines because their local ‘ShopRite’ supermarket refused to write the name of the Campbell’s three year old son on his birthday cake.  It seems that ‘ShopRite’ employees have serious reservations about wishing Adolf Hitler a happy birthday.

Deborah Campbell is quoted as saying, “ShopRite can’t even make a cake for a three year old.  That is sad.”

Karen Meleta, a spokesperson for said supermarket is quoted as saying, “We believe the request to inscribe a birthday wish to Adolf Hitler is inappropriate.”

Another grocer offered to leave space available for the Campbells to inscribe their son’s name on the cake themselves, but they also refused to do it in-store.

Of fucking course they did.

Thank fuck for Wally World!  The Campbells, spittin’ mad… (I assume they were spittin’ mad, for most white supremacists tend to be pissy pants little cunts) …jumped into their Nazi mobile-a Mercedes~Benz 770K sedan, perhaps?-and drove to the Nazareth Township Wal-Mart who obliged the Campbell’s by inscribing “Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler” with yummy in the tummy icing.

For the sake of the Campbell’s daughters, Joycelynn Aryan Nation and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie, I hope that when it is time to celebrate the day of their birth, Heath and Deborah go straight to Wal-Mart, where customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

the cruelty of stupidity, with smiling faces

The Campbells: the cruelty of stupidity, with smiling faces

Honestly, I applaud ‘ShopRite.’  If I were a supermarket employee and some ignorant assbag, who denied the genocide of six million Jews and named all of his children after the most manical, foul, incomprehensibly evil fucking bastards this world has ever had the displeasure of knowing, requested a cake be made with a delicious icing inscription of “Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler” or any other Nazi figure name, I’d flat out refuse.  I wouldn’t even offer to leave available space for the parents to inscribe that asinine name either.

Would I be right to refuse service?  Legally speaking, hell no.  Unfortunately, we have this thing in America called the fucking ConstitutionThe Constitution says that we Americans have every right to be tactless and ignorant, which also means we can name our children any abhorring bunch of words that we so choose.

I think it’s really fucking sad, that just to prove a fucking point, people are willing to scar their children.  They are willing to damage their children emotionally and stunt their social growth.

How are these kids supposed to function in society with names that reflect some of the darkest, most frightening and horrendous events in our world’s history?

In the future, these kids will be met with far more disgust from others than that of ‘ShopRite.’  What’s really fucked about the situation is that it is soley the fault of their parents.

It is my opinion that Heath and Deborah Campbell are causing their children detrimental, emotional harm.  It is these despicable demonstrations of human indecency that causes my faith in the human race to wane.

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  maxouille la fripouille wrote @

Hell yeah! If I got a son one day I’ll name him Mussolini, maybe they could be friends?


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