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Well, if I can’t use the title of this blog entry outwith the monetry term, then I suppose no one can, lol. I’m about as self made a woman there is going along with other male to female TS’s, and no genetic born female can say they have had to fight as hard as females like me to be who we essentially are.

The last 5 years of transition have been one hell of a journey of ups and downs, from the day I first went to see my gender consultant, to the day I first went out in public as the female Alex, to the day I first started hormone treatment, to the days I left my family and come out at work to live full time, to the last 10 months of surgery including laser eye correction; brow bossing FFS; hair transplantation; gender reasignment and breast enlargement. I wonder if I were to klick my heels twice if I would be transported back in time to the handsome male with the idealic life and 2.2 children? It is quite a mindful to take in considering what I’ve had to face in such a short period of time. However, the life changing decision is one I truely feel was right for me, and will turn out the eventual lifestyle I was meant to have as a female rather than as a man.

I’m almost two weeks post op, and I have to say I’m healing fast. The hospital staff commented many a time on how well and quickly I progressed, and I can’t really say I felt any great pain either from my SRS or BA ops. The worst pain I’ve felt had been a couple of days ago in my left breast, which the surgeon put down to a nerve reparing itself. The discomfort has mostly gone now thankfully, and I’m now feeling nerve endings repairing in the new vaginal area as well. This is creating twinges, and I can feel twinges mostly from the area where my penis had been removed and where my new clit has been formed from the end of my former penis (yes, it is a little bit ouch, but not as bad as you reading this may think, lol).

Dialation is also going well, even if at times it gets to be a bit of a chore having to do it three times a day. Again it is not as painful as I thought it would be, for it didn’t seem natural to stick plastic stents into an area so sensitive and tender so soon after major surgery. However, it is something you have to endure to keep the new opening from closing as the muscles repair and contract. I remember being a bit scared of inserting the dialator for the first time, and being surprised at how much it didn’t hurt. My next surprise had been seeing about 6 and a half inches depth being obtained, and wondering how the surgeon had managed that with the donor material I had to begin with pre-op. I now get about 5″ depth, and I’ve figured it out that this is purely due to the swelling in the area going completely down and showing more of the dialators. 5″ is good as far as I’m concerned, for a genetic born female only has between 4″ and 5″ depth anyway. I also don’t seem to have any problems with the thickness of the bigger dialator, so all seems to be working out well for me. I did at first wonder whether I should post such a detailed and personal topic as dialation, and came to the conclusion that it would be of interest to other TS’s about to face such a surgical stage themselves. It is in no way sexual folks, so any of you reading this who are not facing such surgery, would really be best picking up your trusty porn mag instead, as it is much more fun than anything I will write here, lol. One thing while I’m on the topic of sex though that I am prepared to write as an appropriate and related topic had been a dream I had last night. I think it is coinciding with the nerve endings repairing themselves into the new manufactured locations. Without going into detail (a girl has to keep some secrets, lol), my dream had been a very sexual one, with feelings down below and within my body that I can safely say I never had as either a man or as a pre-op TS. Again without going into detail, if  my real future sex life is anything like my dream, I have a lot of fun times to come, lol.

I’m getting about easier now, although I have yet to try driving myself, as my ex wife has kindly helped me out by taking me down to see my Mum, etc. She has been a gem with all this considering how hard and emotional it must be for her to see her former husband take this final surgical step into womanhood. Major kudos go out to her.

I will end this blog entry with my feelings while looking at my naked reflection in the mirror, seeing my new fully feminine body with ‘D’ cup breasts and female genitalia. My inner happiness matched the big cheezy grin on my face, which said it all…………….I had made it and arrived!

Luv, Alex. xxx

[Editors Note} We are so very relieved here at the Anonymous® Show that Alex’s surgery has gone so well. It sounds like you are on your way to an equally speedy recovery. As promised, Mr. A® will interview you whenever you’re ready.

Godspeed and be well.

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