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On turning thirty…


Tomorrow I turn 30. Today, I’m 29. Due To The Fact That I Am Nearing The End Of My Life, I Am Feeling Rather Reflective.

Young Motherhood

No art school for me.

Now what?  I’m so fucking lost.

Baby needs a bath.

Fuck You, State Government, For Cutting My Financial Aid.  Twice.

One, two failed efforts~

two failed attempts to get learned.

Who needs college, anyway?

I Hate It When People Sit Around In The Dark Just Loathing Themselves, So Why The Fuck Do I Do It?

I remind myself

of my sad mother at times,

drinking in the dark.

As I Approach Thirty, I Reflect Upon A Decade Wasted.
No, not wasted, but

well spent with my beautiful

Nicole.  She’s the sun.

What The Fuck Is Wrong With Me?  Why Haven’t I Finished My Fucking Novel?

Six fucking years gone

by and nothing to show but


I Can Only Truly Be Defined By My Actions, Not By A Member Of The Numerical Family.

Fuck “Dirty” Thirty.

I’m not dirty anyway.

Yes, I am.  (Wink,wink)

– Pammy Pamtastico!

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