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I was reading this morning that the Home Secretary is to ‘crackdown’ on prostitution and those who pay for said services. Although curb crawling is an offence, it is only so after a couple of warnings from the police, now it will be a first time offence for anyone caught doing so. That’s all fine and dandy but in the real world its just an empty vessel. For year on year they claim they are going to clampdown on this, that and the other and you know what, its all rubbish. All the things they claim to have clamped down on are all still there, thriving as they always have and always will.

So maybe instead of all this talking out the top of the head, why not make these things a service. As in some countries like Germany and the Netherlands, prostitution is controlled and licensed and of course in some states in the US this is the same. In this instance not only do you have a real measure of the participants, you also have the ability to tax. And this is in essence is what the problem is, none of this money filters back into society in a meaningful way, you tax it and you spend it on services. This in turn will allow the purveyors of sex to work from their own homes or license premises and thus in turn not appear to be so seedy. Those who frequent the trade can do so in the knowledge that the person is clean and well cared for.

But then you’ll have those who like to think they occupy the moral high ground. Well guess what, your moral high ground has done nothing to prevent this happening for years so why not worry about your own morals and not others. My morals are not your morals, your immoral prostitute is my human being, your sense of disgust is my sense of reality. I’m a realist, this world needs more realists. I have never or will never visit anyone in order to pay for sex, not because I find it distasteful I just have no need to. Do I think its right that married men visit sex workers? No, I don’t, in fact I find it the lowest thing you can do but that does not alter the fact that they will, rightly or not. What we should be doing is ensuring that the spread of STD’s and the like are controlled and in order for this we have to control but not condemn.

Legalise prostitution and give it a place above the ground don’t keep forcing it underground and then complain about it. This situation is caused by those who put their fingers in their ears and go la-la-la-la-la. Wake up, its time to admit that sex workers and those paying for it are there, they live next door, you work with them, you drink coffee with them, they exist!

Ignorance and denial will never solve anything.

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