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Archive for October 13, 2008

SPECIAL SERIES®: the American biotech company MONSANTO™ is succeeding in PATENTING the planet’s entire food supply! – YOUR Food supply…

U.S. Troops should be risking their lives fighting Monsanto and its greedy executives, not murdering innocent civilians in Iraq – the US is using a diversion to deprive the citizens of who the real enemy of the people is.

Chemically contaminated, genetically modified foods find their way onto our tables with alarming ease, despite their unknown effects upon our bodies and on the natural ecosystems that have supported us until now. As an increasingly smaller number of corporations comes to control the production of world agriculture, the matter at stake is not only the potential health poisoning we may inflict on ourselves, but the dramatic and often irreversible crisis in which we place the welfare of thousands of farmers around the world.

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