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Starbucks Parking Lot Rage…

There was only one parking space left at Starbucks.

I was in the parking lot first, but the bastard in the Beater beat me to the spot………..and granted……..parking at Starbucks is always competitive.     Even once you’re parked the race is on to the counter. One must order before some Butt-wad orders.

I walked up to the driver’s side of the car in my rightful space.  I slugged him…right in the Bluetooth, and I felt it give way into the ear.  I grabbed him by the shirt and hauled him through the window and onto the ground.

He hit the pavement with a thud, and his phone flew out of his pocket. He reached for it and I stomped on his hand. He screamed at the same time that his cell-phone rang. It was an odd harmony and I stopped beating him to listen for a moment.

“Yeah?” the bastard answered his phone.  Unbelievable.

I kicked him in the ribs.
”Ah, shit.  I’m getting my ass kicked at Starbucks.”

I still didn’t have a parking spot.  I headed for the drive thru.


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  Polythene Pam wrote @

No FUCKING way. No way anyone is crazier than I am. I don’t believe it.


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