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L.A. CALL to ARMS: for Meme CREATION this coming Sunday September 28th

WE RECEIVED THIS REQUEST FOR YOUR HELP: Recruiting Station is Located in Los Angeles California, U.S.A.

ACTIVISTS – motivated by the fervent desire to not have a President or VP who will make things a lot worse at home and abroad, a group of likewise motivated people, are shooting a piece of tragicomic anti-Palin propaganda which we hope will end up circling the net a billion times and influencing someone who would otherwise not have voted Democrat to get it together on November 4.

We are doing it this coming Sunday, SEPTEMBER 28th in Los Angeles & we need some help.

If you feel able to in any way answer to this wish list, we will be eternally, incredibly grateful to you.

1. Location.
We need a boardroom, preferably a nice one, which we can dress up as an equivalent of the War Room. If someone works in an office and can let us in on a Sunday when no one is there, that would be an amazing godsend. If this does not appear, we’re going to rent a boardroom in a hotel, but it would be great to not pay hundreds of dollars for this.

2. Cast.
We are casting the six Joint Chiefs of Staff. If you are or know of a distinguished looking gentleman in the generally correct age bracket who could convincingly rock a heavily decorated military uniform and would be interested in participating in this, please let me know ASAP.
We are also looking for someone large & hunky who could pass for Todd Palin (picture is attached.)

3. Art Dept.
We need to decorate the War Room as such: maps, satellite image printouts, a US flag, charts, etc. If you have, have access to, or feel capable of creating any of this whatsoever i will kiss your feet in gratitude.

4. Hands!
We need your hands on Sunday for set up, general crisis management and tear down, and to help handle lighting. If you’re free and want to come & be of invaluable assistance, please let me know.

5. Hair
If you are skilled with a hairdryer & some spray, our Sarah Palin needs you to look most convincingly like herself.

6. Costumes
We are going to end up renting the appropriate military uniforms unless they magically appear from someone’s costume closet. If you have any connections or ideas about where to go about this or any special code words to whisper to get a discount, please let me know as fast as you can so i can get on it.

WE REQUEST YOUR HELP: thank you, thank you thank you thank you.

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