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Andrea ANSWERS™ – Will he cheat again?

QUESTION: My boyfriend and I have been living together 6 years now and I just found out he is cheating on me, again. This is only the third time he’s done it and he swears on his mother’s life that he loves me and this is the last time. Should I believe him? Annie from New York

I’ll be back in a second girlfriend. I’m off to the garage to get the sledgehammer, since apparently you need a serious blow to your noggin.

You say that this is only the third time you’ve caught him cheating; CAUGHT being the operative word!

Realistically, MULTIPLY that number by at least three and you’ll have a much more accurate reading of his “extracurricular” activities! Trust me, if he’s swearing on his mother’s life that he won’t cheat again, then I’m pretty sure you’ll need to pull that ugly little black dress out of your closet for her upcoming funeral.

I suggest that directly after they lower her casket, you make a huge scene and kick his ass to the curb – that means however, you won’t be invited to the luncheon afterward…

(This will give you plenty of time to head to the nearest psychiatrist – who can help you find your missing brain!)

Andrea Walker

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