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The age old question as to whether girls are generally smarter than boys can never be truly answered. It is my esteemed opinion that both boys and girls are equally capable of higher intelligence. They are certainly equally capable of performing great feats of stupidity!

Take for example, Titty McTitty; I had the displeasure of meeting Titty at Rodeo, where I made it my mission to empty as many cans of Miller Light as humanly possible. To help my readers better understand the environment in which I had ignorantly and deliberately submerged myself, I will briefly describe Rodeo.

Rodeo, or Rodeo Camp, as some call it, is an annual gathering of pretend cowboys and rough riding women. Every Labor Day weekend, these people come in droves to McBain, Michigan to camp out on eleventy acres of dust and dirt. They spend four fucking days getting hammered, riding horses and bulls, getting hammered, poking bonfires and getting hammered. The nightly dances and the Dance Tent add a refreshing element of culture.

It was at the Dance Tent that I first met Titty McTitty. Titty, who I can only describe as a woman – “rode hard and hung out wet” – approached me, and without so much as a “Hi” or a “How do you do?” – flashed her bare breasts and shouted, “LICK MY TIT!” – THOSE GUYS OVER THERE LICKED MY TIT! BAH-HAHAHAHAHA!”

I politely declined Titty McTitty’s request, for my palette is far too sophisticated.

Titty was very displeased. She demonstrated her displeasure by screwing up her face, which resembled badly tanned animal hide, and informed me that I was fucking rude. I tipped my can to her and sauntered away.

As luck would have it, I ran into Titty and some of her gal pals several hours later near a tailgate gathering, just outside the Dance Tent. Titty and the Tittettes were having a grand time, flashing their endowments to passers-by. I immediately took notice of their generosity, for the Titty McTitty Clan allowed every old, drunk, broken down asshole to pause in their walking long enough to cop a feel. Seeing this display nearly made me hurl.

I wasn’t sick because of the tit flashing and groping. I was sick because these women were allowing foul scented old fucks to touch them. Eww.

Spying me and my own gang, Titty literally ran up to me, old man in tow, and pointed her finger in my chest. “Hey! Show this guy your tits,” said she. “Go fuck yourself,” said I. I expected her to tell me how fucking rude she thought I was, but instead, she reached out and squeezed my friend’s right breast. Then the bitch smiled real wide, showcasing her less than stellar, not so pearly whites. At that point in time, I didn’t find the situation at all funny. However, I did laugh my inebriated ass off when I later witnessed an unwanted sexual advance toward Titty, perpetrated by a young buck, who apparently suffers from visual defects.

After the Rodeo experience, it became ever more clear to me that some females are really fucking stupid; Get a few drinks in them and they become geriatric dick teases. Fucking Eww.

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1 Comment»

  punchedmonkey wrote @

Well, that sounded like A LOT of fun, in the sense that I’m kidding.
Being English, I find that whole spectacle a bit vulgar. No wait, actually – being a fucking human being of moderate taste I find the whole spectacle disgusting.
Good job THE Pam was there, to add a little class to the proceeding. Well done for reporting on such an atrocity to taste and decency.
I’m glad you made it. . .


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