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One World, One Dream, Minimum Wage, NO Rights: 2008 Olympics

It’s over, but the 2008 Olympics really boiled Punched Monkey’s piss!

Punched Monkey is pissed!

You see boys and girls, China has a lot to be proud of as well as a lot to give the world. Their country is beautiful, their cuisine varied, healthy and delicious, their heritage is perhaps the oldest on the planet and they have a rich and fascinating culture, dating back more than six millennia.

It has the world’s longest and most continually used written language systems and is the source of many of man’s most stunning and innovative inventions: printing, paper, gunpowder (my personal favourite) and the compass.

We laughingly refer to her nowadays as ‘The People’s Republic of China’, or at least we have since 1949. ‘People’s Republic’ to me implies they have a fucking say in what goes on. It ‘implies’ some happy clappy idealism that well, really just isn’t there. You see the only real innovation in China these days seems to be the oldest one in the Human play book – Money!

Chinese Currency

Or rather the continued acquisition of it. And this ‘acquisition’ of wealth is my the upper class minority at the expense of the sweatshop toiling, bicycle riding, factory working majority. And the west remembers what happened the last (news worthy) time the people tried to ‘have their say’.
I mean let’s face it, without our industrious free market economy loving communist chums we’d all be naked, since approximately 98% of the worlds clothing and shoes are now made there.

The other 2% goes to Vietnam. Christ, I can’t remember the last time I bought a pair of Adidas didn’t have either ‘made in China’, or ‘made in Vietnam’ stamped proudly to the tongue. That’s only shoes! Electronics and a myriad of other consumer durables roll out of there in the billions. The downside, however, is considerable.

Don’t misunderstand the Monkey, I have Chinese friends and nothing whatsoever against them. It’s their leaders that we should be concerned with – not placating on a fucking global scale for the sake of a few laps of the track and field and a bloody media circus.

China is run by the one party state (very democratic:-) under the Communists, while Taiwan and the surrounding islands are governed by a more democratic multiparty state. After founding the people’s republic in 1949 both parties claimed sole rulership of the territories of China. Already you can see the cracks in such a rosy canvas proudly displayed to the rest of the world recently – under the upbeat optimistic motto: One World, One Dream. I would laugh, were my heart not so heavy…

How could we forget a little incident at Tiananmen Square, back in 1989?

An indelible image of courage, one lone protester facing down a tank in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, June 1989. He would become known simply as ‘Tank Man’ or ‘The Unknown Rebel’. The massive student protests were brutally put down on June 4th when the Chinese army attacked with tanks and trucks, firing indescriminately at the unarmed protesters, killing and injuring thousands. The Unknown Rebel confronted the tank column next day as the army withdrew. Neither his identity nor his fate have ever been established, reported by some to have been executed, and by others to be still alive…

Of course China would like to forget it. Olympian’s were forbidden from discussing it, or even bringing it up while ‘guests’ in the host nation recently. In fact, visiting participants in Beijing 2008 were expressly forbidden from opening the floodgates on any number of China’s well documented human rights violations.

The visiting media contingent were given checklists of topics to be raised and topics to be ignored under pain of expulsion.

What did we do, as so-called responsible citizens of the world? Did we tell the Chinese government to cram the whole shebang up her ass? – No! We smiled sweetly, rolled over and grabbed our own fucking ankles.

Our media generally covered what they were ‘allowed’ to, and not a peep came out of them on China’s dubious history!

The same went for the teams, with the exception of the Spanish who made a few harmless racial funnies and were suitably frowned at for it. If that had been the UK or US mind you, there’d have been a riot, but the Spaniards got away with it – being European, cause everybody thinks Europeans are harmless, with the possible exception of Germany. We all know about her skeletons!

Now, I’m not naive enough to suggest or even think China’s the only nation with skeletons in her closet. Hell, we’ve ALL got pasts our respective nations should be ashamed of, at some point or another, but what is in my view worse is the rampant hypocrisy of the rest of the world in bowing to this public enforcement of China’s ‘selective memory’ when it comes to the shit they’ve pulled. Ask any Tibetan. There’s a reason the Dalai Lama can never go home, and it’s got nothing to do with anything he’s done!

But what the fuck, right? It’s all in a good cause and the Beijing Olympics ‘brings us all together’ (under a flag of bullshit admittedly) where I’m informed by Wikipedia that 43 new world records were set, as well as 132 new olympic records. We were ‘right’ to shut the fuck up anyway, if you subscribe to the governmental take on things. After all the Chinese government DID promote and fund the games, lavish and spectacular as they were, while millions all over the kingdom continue to live starving in their own shit. They invested heavily in new facilities and transportation systems. Thirty-seven venues, no less, with twelve newly constructed!

At the closing ceremony IOC President Jacques Rogge stated the IOC had ‘absolutely no regrets’ about hosting the games in Beijing, despite criticism by political leaders on the human rights issue and warnings against the possible diplomatic fallout from politicising the games.

If the Chinese ever host another olympics I suggest a couple of events closer to their hearts: The 400 meter baby daughter toss, or the student/tank slalom, perhaps. Less hypocrisy, more honesty and certainly spectator sports – if you’re twisted. . .

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This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

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