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ANDREA® ANSWERS™ | Anal Sex on the 1st Date?

QUESTION: How many dates should I go on before I engage in anal sex? And do the dates have to be with the same person?

Thanks for the great question Sindy; I’m sure it’s one that’s on everyone’s mind!

The only way you should have anal sex on the first date is if he takes you somewhere that requires an airplane to get there AND he gives you spending money for the slots. Never, never have anal sex on your first date if the mode of transportation is a train, bus, car or bicycle.

I really can’t answer your “how many dates” question. Each of us must make our own determination of when the time is right. For me personally, the day my guy shoves a zucchini up his own bum and doesn’t cry is the day he’ll get up mine.

If I read between the lines you seem to be dating more than one guy at a time. Make sure you charge the anal guy more.



Andrea Walker

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– Mr. Anonymous

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This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

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