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U.S. has missiles. Iran has missiles. Next! Please…

One after another; the U.S. military industrial complex spins the wheel of new prospects to invade…

All this arrogant American BULLSHIT about Iran and their missiles has me howling with laughter. To enjoy this irony yourself, just REPLACE the word IRAN with USA next time you read American media.

SOMEHOW those American assclowns have the audacity to make ridiculous statements about IRAN’s “nucular” (hi GEORGE) ARSENAL, but “Hell No!”, do-NOT-think-for-a-minute that AMERICA® might be UP TO NO GOOD… the aggressor… NO WAY “DUDE!”

Three missiles rise into the air as a fourth remains in the launcher on the ground during a test-firing in an undisclosed location in the Iranian desert, July 9, 2008.

As the world’s SELF-APPOINTED policeman (uh… more like BULLIES!), the USA thinks it has some sort of invisible mandate to DICTATE the foreign policies of OTHER nations. “WHATEVEH” ELSE other nations may think DOES NOT MATTER – after all, a good swift kick-in-the-balls is usually the remedy most often considered “the American way.” Yay?

My fucking PARROT has more class than these assholes. THANKFULLY George & Co. are fast coming to the END of their reign of terror.


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