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Archive for July 14, 2008

Coming up: Steve Fossett?

Dr. Simon Donato is organizing a team of elite athletes to search for the remains of Steve Fossett. Fossett has been declared dead after his plane, it is believed, crashed in the Sierra Nevadas.

On September 3, 2007, Steve Fossett, the multi-millionaire record-breaking aviator, went missing when his single engine plane disappeared in Nevada. A month later, the official search was called off. As summer approaches in 2008, a team led by Dr. Simon Donato will tackle the Sierra Nevada Mountains to find the wreckage and put closure to this mystery.

Donato’s team will conduct its search in some of the range’s roughest terrain in the hopes of solving an aeronautical mystery second only to the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.

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THE SEARCH BEGINS July 14th 2008

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This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

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