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Kiss on New Album: ‘We’re Waiting Until File-Sharers Calm Down’

Today I have a report for the “who gives a fuck channel,” for it concerns over-the-hill rockers, whose rocking has long been done from a seated position, and their refusal to record new music.

KIZZ Group says it is waiting for the record industry to “re-emerge” and for everybody to “settle down” and become “civilized” before it’ll ever record new material.

Kiss, led by frontman Gene Simmons, has recently been quoted bashing Radiohead and its donation-based album sales experiment. It’s not the first time, so it’s not really worth discussing anew, but what is is Gene’s statement that they will not “record new material” until the music industry gets its act together and “…everybody settles down and becomes civilised.”

He said: “The record industry is dead. It’s six feet underground and unfortunately the fans have done this. They’ve decided to download and file share. There is no record industry around so we’re going to wait until everybody settles down and becomes civilised. As soon as the record industry pops its head up we’ll record new material.”

Considering that its been almost a decade now and the best the record industry intelligentsia could come up with is suing the blind, disabled, young, and even the deceased among its customers I think it’ll be a long, long, long wait Mr. Simmons.

Additionally, since 1999 file-sharers have clamored for a legal, affordable, DRM-free digital music store, and even now – 9 years later – they have yet to create a place that offers all three!

His latest comments really make you wonder what exactly Kiss is all about these days, and judging from the fact that they could indefinitely without making a new album, I think it’s more concerned with money than creativity or self-expression.

Q: Did great artists like Jimi Hendrix play to play or play to get paid?
Marilyn Manson as Gene Simmons

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