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PENN & TELLER: some PETA Bullshit!


  Polythene Pam wrote @

PETA is a bane to society. Their views are ass backwards and their actions are a human threat, which in my esteemed opinion, is far worse than animal cruelty. That is not to say that I am not FOR the humane treatment of animals. I think that anyone who would maliciously and cruelly harm and/or kill an animal should burn in the depths of hell.

However, I hold the lives of humans in much higher regard than those of animals. Words cannot express the rage I feel when I learn that these ass fucks are bombing and burning facilities, which can and will lead to the loss of human life.

The idea of “liberating” domesticated and farm animals is asinine.

There is an order on this earth, humans being the supreme species, for good reason. How the fuck could the human race continue to thrive without animal control?

The world would quickly become over populated and overrun with wild fucking animals, which would result in catastrophic consequences. Anyone with an IQ of at least fucking 15 can figure that out. Liberating animals. Fuck that noise.

To say that you are vegan, or vegetarian because you either dislike meat or are against the exploitation of animals is just peachy keen with me. Do whatever-the-hell you want to do as long as it doesn’t infringe on my right as a meat loving carnivore to eat as many animals as I damn well please. And don’t you even dare tell me that there is no difference between a slaughter house cutting up steaks for my dinner plate and the ass fucks who get a fucking high from torturing and killing dogs, cats, etc. There IS a difference.

To value an animal’s life equal to higher than that of a human is fucking sick. For PETA to compare the horrors of human genocide with the cruelty of animals is not only disgusting, abhorring and disrespectful beyond words and emotion, but it is cold. It is so cold, it dehumanizes the members of PETA. It dehumanizes anyone who may agree with this particular comparison.

I don’t think that the members of PETA OR that other fuck head group, ALF are human at all.


  grayxray wrote @

But PETA girls put out on a dime!! Its a great organization to get laid.



  Polythene Pam wrote @

PETA girls have to get their meat proteins from SOMEWHERE, I suppose…


  punchedmonkey wrote @

It takes a hundred dumb animals to make a fur coat, but only one to wear it!
Or so they say… apparently.


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