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Americanization is not only changing the world, but according to some americans, also causing “wrong judgments” to be made about American life. In a recent French poll of images that come to mind when thinking of America, 67% of those polled said “violence and 49% “inequality” as opposed to only 20% who said “freedomand 4 %generosity”.

In Europe, Americans are stereotyped by globalization as being shallow, spoiled, and shortsighted.

Tim Synder writes that only a little more than ten years ago, America was a great model of democracy. “As an American I was asked about Paul Revere, Thomas Jefferson, and the Constitution.

What happened between those ten years that would drastically change the way Europe and the world view American life?

Editor’s note: I gonna pipe in and SUGGEST that KILLING PEOPLE in an unjust WAR in Iraq MIGHT be it? (that’s just a wild GUESS… ASSCLOWN!

Even President Bush isn’t exempt from this kind of stereotyping. When asked to describe President Bush in France, the most popular answers are “he’s a ventriloquist’s dummy” and “the Forrest Gump of American politics

In Singapore, words like violence, workaholism, and disrespect for authority are all synonyms for the “American Way.”

“In your movies and your materialism, we don’t see the real America,” writes Simon Tay, a Harvard grad and lawyer from Singapore trying to explain this misperception.

When looked at around the world, Americanization seems to have the opposite effect than what was imagined, causing many nations to incorrectly stereotype America.

We are nationalistic, paranoid, arrogant, fat, lazy, greedy, racist, spoiled-rich, slutty, prude, ugly, ignorant, stupid, humorless, loud, obnoxious, carbon-emitting, baby-killing, flag-waving, bible-thumping, gun-toting, inbred and self-centered hicks.

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This Content is Also Available Directly in your browser !

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